We insist on reviving beauty. Today with Rocco and his brothers and Zangeki Monogatari

Rocco y sus hermanos, de Visconti

Rocco and his brothers, by Visconti

We keep on insisting on retrieving beauty. The festival’s Déjà Vu section schedules for Tuesday, March 8, two of the recently restored films included in this 2016 edition and whose common connection, as Luis Miranda, the director of the festival, points out, is that they are “three of the most beautiful stories ever told”: Zangiku Monogatari (1939), by Mizoguchi, Rocco and his brothers, by Visconti.

Rocco and his brothers is one of Visconti’s masterpieces, awarded at the Venice Biennale, that will be screened, in its digital restored version, on Tuesday, March 8, at 7pm, at the Monopol, thanks to the work of the Cineteca di Bologna. Alain Delon leads the cast of this story, featuring Renato Salvatori, Annie Girardot and Claudia Cardinale, too.

Historia del último crisantemo, de Mizoguchi

Zangiku Monogatari, by Mizoguchi

Zangiku Monogatari will be screened, too, on Tuesday, March 8; a story in which Mizoguchi transcends the Japanese melodrama in search of a strictly film realism. From its terrific long-take system emerges a time perception that the great Asian masters of our day have been able to update. It will be at 10pm at the Monopol Multiplex’s 4th screen.