Twelve short films and six feature films fight for the Richard Leacock Awards of the 16th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival

Apart from the festival’s official awards, DIGITAL 104 and the Canary Islands’ Consorcio de Exportación Audiovisual will again support the Canarian productions by providing distribution and market support to a short film and a feature film, respectively

The Canarian section takes the Monopol Multiplex as its screening seat and will be the only competitive section to be shown during the first weekend of the Festival, from March 4 to 6

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Friday, February 12, 2016.-Eigtheen Works, twelve short films and six feature films, will fight for each category’s Richard Leacock Award at the Canarian section of the 16th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival.

The competition devoted to the cinema related to the Archipelago, named this year for the first time Canarias Cinema, will have special prominence because of being the only competitive section shown during the first weekend of the Festival, from March 4 to 6. The Canarias Cinema screenings will also change places and will return to the Monopol Multiplex, instead of the Guiniguada Theater, which held the LPA Film Canarias these past years.

Among the nearly seventy works received (fifty short films and eighteen feature films) the selection committee of the Festival has selected eighteen works entering the competition and a documentary piece which intends to analyze the current situation of the Canarian cinema by turning to recognized voices of the audiovisual in the islands. Bregando historias, by Nacho Bello, will be screened out of competition.

The Richard Leacock Awards, worth 1500 for the best short film and 3000 for the best feature film, will be awarded by the Canarias Cinema jury, made up of three recognized film professionals.

Apart from the official awards, the short films submitted to the section will compete for the distribution award granted by DIGITAL 104 Film Distribution, an honor consisting of the development of an international distribution strategy, advice, management, registration and submission to a total of 100 festivals, provided they do not have a distribution agreement with another company.

The submitted feature films will as well compete for a similar award, the International Distribution Canary Islands Connection Award, granted by the Consorcio de Exportación Audiovisual, an initiative of the Canary Islands Audiovisual Cluster.

Both of them join the list of awards in order to provide support to the new voices in the Canarian Cinema and facilitate their access to the traditional ways of distribution.

The short films competing in Canarias Cinema are:
Agujero, by Amaury Santana (Spain, 2015, 2 min)
Ave feliz, by Víctor Moreno (Spain, 2015, 5 min)
Desayuno con pastillas, by Zacarías de la Rosa (Spain, 2016, 10 min)
El barbero, by Francesca Philips (Spain, 2016, 27 min)
El retrato de Antonio, by Cayetana H. Cuyás (Spain, 2016, 6 min)
Fiesta de pijamas, by David Pantaleón (Spain, 2015, 8 min)
El Imperio de la Luz, by Macu Machín (Spain, 2015, 15 min)
ISFØRE, by Ayoze García (Spain, 2015, 15 min)
Juana, by Miguel G. Morales y Silvia Navarro (Spain, 2016, 8 min)
Le poids des ailes, by Marine Discazeaux (Spain, 2015, 14 min)
Náufrago sin isla, by Fernando Alcántara (Spain, 2015, 10 min)
Viejo, by Christian Lage Jiménez (Spain, 2015, 4 min)

The feature films are:
Evolution, by Lucile Hadzihalilovic (France, 2015, 81 min)
Dead Slow Ahead, by Mauro Hercé (Spain, 2015, 74 min)
Telesforo Bravo, by David Baute (Spain, 2015, 66 min)
Around Them, by Rubén Señor Cruz (Spain, 2015, 65 min)
Mar de Mármara, by Pedro García (Spain, 2015, 65 min)
Las manos, by Miguel G. Morales (Spain, 2015, 61 min)