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Seventeen musical documentaries, two night concerts and a conference about videoclips, 3rd MMF’s key ingredients

  • MMF proposes 17 titles including Janis: Little Girl Blue’s release in the Canary Islands, the Oscar nominee Amy (the girl behind the name) and The Amazing Nina Simone; and the premiere of Hasta el amanecer, about Ginés Cedrés’ figure
Imagen del documental The Amazing Nina Simone

Picture of the documentary The Amazing Nina Simone

  • The schedule of this section of the festival, devoted to the musical documentary, includes live concerts at the Santa Ana Square on Friday 11 and Saturday 12, March, with groups such as Mi Capitán, Texxcoco, Fajardo, Boreals, Banadú and El Guincho
Imagen de la presentación con Junior Melo, Víctor Ordoñez y Luis Miranda (de izquierda a derecha)

Picture of the presentation with Junior Melo, Víctor Ordoñez and Luis Miranda (from left to right)

  • MMF brings Marta Puig, Lyona, one of the most contrasted creative minds in the videoclip sector, to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who will offer a conference about marketing strategies in contemporary music

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Friday, February 26, 2016. The Monopol Music Festival (MMF) reaches its third edition as part of the contents of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival. This section of the competition will keep its autonomy and will begin with the screening of Mavis, on Saturday, March 5.

The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival, supported by Cerveza Dorada Especial, presents the Monopol Music Festival’s third edition as part of the contents of the festival, which assimilates it while respecting its autonomy.

Luis Miranda, director of the Festival, and Víctor Ordóñez, director of the MMF, explained at a press conference the objectives that led them to consolidate this bond existing since the first edition of the MMF, and the contents of the third MMF.

The initiative proposes a strong film-buff and musical celebration thanks to which, for ten days, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will benefit from the Festival’s schedule and from the fresh and avant-garde selection of documentaries related to the music of the MMF, as well as from outdoor concerts by local and national artists.

MMF will bring to the Monopol Multiplex’s screens seventeen works encouraging to explore different trends and aspects of the musical genre. Among the chosen titles, these are the ones that stand out the most: Janis: Little Girl Blue, by Amy Berg, an exhaustive examination of one of the most iconic rock singers, whose national release will be within the MMF’s framework; the Oscar nominee Amy (the girl behind the name), by Asif Kapadia, which shows the fragility of a great artist who has become a legend with only two official albums released; and The Amazing Nina Simone, by Jeff L. Lieberman, a work that sheds light on the outstanding artistic achievements of the artist.

Cartel de la película Amy

Amy’s film poster

The schedule is mostly made up of films already screened at prestigious film festivals. Thus Mr. Dynamite, a work that tells James Brown’s journey from rhythm and blues to funk, by Alex Gibney, was shown at the Tribeca, Sydney and Melbourne festivals, among others; the epic of Canadian Arcade Fire in The Reflektor Tapes, by Kahlil Joseph, was at Bergen and Río de Janeiro; the controversial Finding Fela (Fela Kuti), by Alex Gibney, was screened at Sundance, Montclair, Sydney and San Sebastián; Leonard Cohen: Bird in a Wire, by Tony Palmer, was selected by the In-Edit Festival; Mavis, a Jessica Edwards’ work about the star Mavis Staples, a 75-year-old voice who refuses to come down the stage, has also been in plenty of festivals, as well as Made in Japan, by Josh Bishop, containing Tomi Fujikawa’s story, the first Japanese star in the country genre; Orion: The Man who would be King, by Jeanie Finlay, which tells the adventures of a masked man called Jimmy Ellis, who sounds and dresses like Elvis Presley and was part of the Tribeca, Nashville, Sheffield, Tallgrass and In-Edit festivals’ selection.
There will be, throughout a week, at the Monopol Multiplex’s screens, some acclaimed documentaries about artists such as Chavela Vargas, in the film El ruiseñor y la noche. Chavela Vargas canta a Lorca, by Rubén Rojo Aura, and other pieces that move between punk and rock, with works such as The Punk Singer, by Sini Anderson, about one of the most important voices in the riot grrrl movement, Kathleen Hanna, singer of the punk band Bikini Kill; and A Band Called Death, by Jeff Howlett and Mark Covino, about a controversial band, the Death, that was born before the Ramones and the Sex Pistols.

As usual in the MMF, the regional scene will have an important spot, with the release of Ginés Cedrés’ Hasta el amanecer, singer and leader of Los Coquillos or “Pistol”, by Lanzarote-native director José María de Páiz, and that explores the busy life of the Gomera-native drummer of bands such as Familia Real, Ataúd Vacante, Brutalizzed Kids and 13 Motos.

MMF will pay homage to two such great icons of music, recently deceased, and who had legions of followers, as David Bowie (Five Years) or Ian Fraser, leader of Motorhead (Lemmy).

Noteworthy concerts 

After bands such as Polock, Los Labios, Solo Astra, Pumuky, Egon Soda, James&Black and Red Beard, among others, there is a high-quality proposal for the MMF2016 which stands out now, and maybe tomorrow, in the national and international musical scene. This year, an energetic mixture of rock, pop, electro and hip-hop music will fill Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Santa Ana Square. Mi Capitán, Texxcoco and Fajardo will play on Friday, March 11, and El Guincho, Boreals and Banadú will close down the festival on Saturday, March 12.

El Guincho is of Gran Canaria origin and is currently presenting its third album “HiperAsia” all around the world. They make use in their new piece of a sound concept that mixes samplers, rhythms of the world and a variety of global sounds within an eclectic production.

Mi Capitán, a Barcelona-native band that is currently presenting its first long-playing record “Drenad el Sena” and which was born from the friendship of musicians belonging to groups such as Love of Lesbian, Egon Soda or Standstill. It is composed by prestigious artists such as Ricky Falkner or Julián Saldarriaga, who are undoubtedly one of this 2016 national surprises.

Boreals is a Catalan-Canarian pop and electronic quartet who has performed recently in such important festivals as FIB, BBK or Primavera Sound.

Last but not least is the MMF’s inclusion of the current music being produced in our islands, supporting the best proposals of local and regional artists without harm to any style, with a range of concerts of Fajardo, Banadú and Texxcoco, this last one being the recent winner of the prestigious contest Capital Sonora.

360º: Audiovisual and music

If musical documentary cinema constitutes one of the key points of this MMF together with the musical festival, for this edition we provide the public with a conference in which spelling out the importance 360º figures have within the music industry, stressing the audiovisual sector and highlighting the video clip as the central axis of the marketing strategies in contemporary music. To do so, we will count on the presence of Marta Puig, commonly known as Lyona, one of the sector‘s most contrasted and rising creative minds, who has produced video clips for bands such as Love of Lesbian, Amaral, Sidonie, Zahara and Lori Meyers, among many others. It will be culminated with a round table including some of the most authoritative voices in the musical and audiovisual industries in the Canary Islands.

Additionally, the organization has kept some details about the schedule that will be unveiled during the following days through its online channels, such as its webpage (www.monopolmusicfestival.com) or the social networks (www.facebook.com/monopolmusicfestival y @monopolmusic).