Bowie reappears at the festival’s billboard

El ansia, de Tony Scott, se proyectará en el Palacete Rodríguez Quegles

The Hunger, by Tony Scott, will be screened at the Rodríguez Quegles Palacete

The musician David Bowie, his musical and acting work, reappear on Thursday, March 10, within the framework of the 16th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival through two titles, the one scheduled at the Monopol Music Festival, David Bowie: Five Years, and the one included in the Déjà Vu section, The Hunger. Both are free-entry showings and will include a musical surprise.

David Bowie: Five Years

David Bowie: Five Years

David Bowie: Five Years, screening at 6pm at the Monopol Multiplex’s 6th screen, is a Francis Whately’s documentary, in which he reflects the five essential years in the development of this versatile artist with the involvement of his closer collaborators and valuable archive pictures.

At 8pm, at the Rodríguez Quegles Palacete, the festival’s director, Luis Miranda, will present The Hunger, a feature film by Tony Scott (Top Gun, The last Boy Scout, Crimson Tide) in which Bowie and Catherine Deneuve perform a cult film including the British band Bauhaus. Music and fantasy for a vampire story.